Earning money online always starts with a nice website that you need to build. After you gain a lot of experience, you will switch to WordPress for many reasons. If you are smart enough you will take care about more than 300 onpage SEO factors and implement them. If you are a good copywriter you will sit down for 2 days and write a huge article with 2000 words in it. At the end you will place some links towards Amazon to finally start earning from your website. You need at least a week to build something similar to what you can buy at !

So why should you waste a week of your precious lifetime for building a good niche website to start your online business, if you can buy one perfect niche website and start right now with marketing it? No need to know everything about SEO, rely on our 10 years of experience and just start promoting your website from tomorrow.

Watch this video to see one example niche website in action!

Grab the list and you will receive per Email a PDF with all available niche websites (10 websites in total) we are selling right now:



The only thing you need to do after you buy a niche site from is to enter your Amazon Key ID, Key and Tracking ID. That’s it! You can promote your niche website through SEO, Social Media, Youtube or niche forums/boards. It does not matter! Just drive traffic and you will start earning some serious money. Here are some screenshots of two of ours niche websites we sold last week:



Grab the list and you will receive per Email a PDF with all available niche websites which we are selling right now:



Getting some proper hosting can be expensive. We give you an excellent hosting package for a year as a GIFT!


This hosting is optimized for WordPress and very secure. But after you buy a niche website, you are free to move the domain and all the files to another hosting, if you wish. But staying on this specialized hosting is more than a good move! You get a hosting package like this:

First year: 0$ / month
Second year: 5$ / month

Hosting package

  • - one CNO domain paid for a year (you can add one additional domain)
  • - 2 GB disc space
  • - unlimited bandwith
  • - 100 e-mail accounts
  • - 10 MySQL databases
  • - WordPress optimized
  • - cPanel & Fantastico De Luxe

Grab the list and you will receive per email a PDF with all available niche websites which we are selling right now:



One of the most important features and trends in 2014 will be responsive design. It has never been so important that your site is looking good on any device. Almost 30% of traffic comes from mobile devices to your website and your website needs to be ready for that. We will deliver you a 100% full responsive website, which is good looking on any device.

Watch the video to see how responsive design works. Every of our niche websites have responsive design implemented and all functions work on every device. See our example niche website in action …


You can see on these screenshots how our niche websites look on desktop computers, tablets and mobile devices. The content fits to the available technical possibilities of the current customer. There is no need for a sub-domain only for mobile traffic.

The main feature of the implementation of responsive design is that your conversions are higher and so you have a big advantage in comparison to your competition, especially for potential customers with a deeper pocket (they use fancy devices).

Grab the list and you will receive an email with a PDF with all available niche websites listed which we are selling right now:



You have not heard about the newest SEO formula for text optimization? No wonder! In 2013 this formula has been popular just in Germany and no US SEO blog was writing about it, because they held it as a top secret just under TOP SEO experts. In Germany already three companies launched a WDF tool to help their customers to write better text which Google loves!

Shortly explained – WDF*IDF is almost same formula which Google is using to calculate the quality of an article. You need a lot of server power to calculate the metrics and a lot of time to modify your article so it fits the formula. But once it’s done, you have a great benefit – Google will love your article and will need less links to rank for that keyword, as you would have needed without it. One important thing you should know – it works only well with huge articles!

So our niche websites have a TORPEDO and that is the implementation of the WDF*IDF optimized articles into our niche websites. Only our 100% unique and quality article with 2000 or more words with the implemented WDF*IDF optimization would cost you 150$ or more. Watch our video for more information.

We won’t bother you with a detailed cost calculation, just tell you that if you would build this on your own, you would need at least one week of your precious time and 120$ for the premium template and plugins, 150$ for that HUGE unique quality article and 50$ for the custom video and 70$ for hosting and domain. That makes at least 390$ and one week … Save time and money and get our perfect niche torpedo and start earning tomorrow!

We are selling only 10 niche websites, so hurry up, grab the list, choose one or more niche websites and pay. Pay button is inside the PDF you get per email.



Video marketing is the second trend which will be a decision maker in 2014! Websites without a custom video will not send positive signals to their potential customer and to Google. Websites with a custom video are found more positive, warm and near to the customer. Visitors watch the videos and stay on the website longer and get more information. Websites using videos have a higher conversion rate if the video is straightforward and self-explaining.

By placing the video on YouTube, you get visitor from the second biggest search engine on the World! Many search for product review on YouTube and they will find our custom video, made just for that niche website.

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